Faith: A Human Response of Love

Today, we, who received the gift of faith and the Word of God, through the Holy Scriptures, through the Sacraments, through our community, are also being invited that our devotion to the Word of God will not just remain a mere obligation or not just a part of our speech but will also transform us. Like Mary, let the Word of God and (faith) our human response of love to God become concrete and life-giving.Continue reading Faith: A Human Response of Love

Will you also leave? : A plea from Jesus

We are challenged and called today to choose and commit ourselves in serving and loving the Lord. Choosing Jesus and committing our work, studies, dreams, hopes and our whole life to Jesus may not be the popular thing to do today. Choosing Jesus and following faithfully his teachings is truly difficult as the people complained. Thus, this Eucharist is our way now to renew once again our commitment as we receive the Lord spiritually and sacramentally. This is our opportunity to choose Jesus today! Continue reading Will you also leave? : A plea from Jesus