HOW DO YOU FIND “A Dose of God Today?”

If you have been nourished spiritually, be our partner too in bringing inspiration, in extending to others the Word of God to your friends, and in nourishing others by sharing the contents of this website.

Our Mission and your mission

You may share the homilies, reflections, prayers and other spiritual materials that you can find here at A DOSE OF GOD TODAY.

Share them to your friends through your social media sites such as on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

However, do not limit yourself from there too. It is also good to tell others of your experiences and personal reflections by word of mouth.

In this simple way, may you become “salt of the earth and light of world.

Your feedbacks help

Do not hesitate to give us your feedbacks too on how we can improve our website.

Constructive comments and suggestions would surely help us in making A DOSE OF GOD TODAY more grounded, relatable, palatable and easy to understand.

Contact Us

You may contact us through our email address here.

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