Behold, I am coming soon!

November 28, 2020 – Saturday of the 34th Week in Ordinary Time

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Marana tha! Come Lord Jesus. This is what our Psalm proclaims today. This is an expression of inviting the Lord to come to us. This is hope and this is joy that we shall experience with God.

What the Psalm proclaims also expresses our desire of God’s presence to fill our hearts bruised by sin, by misery and loneliness, by anger and hatred, by fear and anxiety, by bitterness and darkness. We long for God to shed light and joy in our hearts. This is what John saw in his vision in the Book of Revelation. “Night will be no more, nor will they need light from lamp or sun, for the Lord God shall give them light.” And the Lord, in a vision given to John, God said also said, “Behold, I am coming soon!”

The Lord will come and he really is coming! God’s arrival will be filled with hope for us who have become desperate and miserable because of our painful and terrifying experiences this year. God’s coming will be filled with peace given to us who have become restless. God’s advent will be filled with comfort and joy for us who have become tired and burnt out because of so much stress, anxiety and fear that we are facing today.

Hence, we are invited today that as we end the liturgical calendar this year, let us come to the “river of life-giving water.” Where can we find it then? Where can we taste that life-giving water? The eucharist that we celebrate, the eucharist that we share, is this life-giving water from the throne of God. Today, we renew our gratitude to the Lord who made us partakers of this grace in the Holy Eucharist. Let us receive the Lord today with much longing and desire.

As we make our hearts be filled with God’s promise, let us make our heart more vigilant and sensitive also of God’s daily and ordinary coming. The Gospel of Luke reminds us to “be vigilant at all times.” To be vigilant means to be always attuned of God’s ways and of God’s everyday visits. God comes to us in this Eucharist, God also may come and visit us through the presence of our friends, our family members, through a broken and in need brother or sister, through an ordinary event or through a surprising circumstance in our life today.

Be vigilant then, so that our alertness may bring us to that life-giving water where we shall find life, renewal, forgiveness and mercy. Hinaut pa.


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