Pray without becoming Weary

November 14, 2020 – Saturday of the 32nd Week in Ordinary Time

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As we are struggling until today with CoVid-19 Pandemic, the past few weeks have been a big disaster particularly with our brothers and sisters in Luzon area. From Super Typhoon Rolly, two more typhoons immediately followed and recently in the last few days, Typhoon Ulysses brought heavy rain that flooded many communities in the North.

News and Social Media sites were filled with news of the people taking safety on their roof as the water rose and flooded their place. It must have been terrible to be so vulnerable and helpless. Children and old people must have suffered very much from cold. Food becomes scarce. Search and rescue teams were finding it difficult since there were more people to be rescued than the rescuers. Evacuation areas must have been crowded and difficult to manage due to the threat of Corona virus infection.

These are the realities now that are affecting all of us. We could not just help but think of our brothers and sisters in that part of our country. Thus, today, let us pray with them and remember them. Let us also flood the heaven with our prayers for all those who are affected by the these calamities.

Jesus told his disciples a parable about the necessity to pray always without becoming weary. In the same way, we too our invited today to pray like the widow in the parable. Let us bother God with our prayers. Let us pray not just for ourselves but especially for those who are in greatest need today. Pray without becoming weary and let this become an expression of our love for one another. Let our hearts cry out to God to come to our rescue, to aid our helpless and vulnerable brothers and sisters, especially the old, the sick and the children.

As we pray with them and for them, let our prayer move our heart to extend help to them no matter how small it may be. There are credible and honest organizations who are already operating to respond to their immediate needs. Let us all join and express our love in a concrete way that our actions may become a true testimony of our love for the Church (3 Jn 6). Hinaut pa.

You may refer to these photos below for those who would like to donate some amount through CARITAS MANILA or the Baclaran Church.


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