How do I respond to God?

November 16, 2022 – Wednesday of the 33rd Week in Ordinary Time

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There are three kinds of people in today’s parable of Jesus. In each, the Lord calls us to identify ourselves and draws us to be converted to him if we would find ourselves with those who were far from the Lord and did not respond to God’s invitations.

The first are those who rejected the king. These people despised the nobleman that they even sent a delegation to declare their rejection of the king. However, these were same people who wanted to claim the throne. They wanted to rule, gain control and power for themselves. Yet, at the end, when the king finally returned they were slayed and died.

This tells us that our total rejection of God’s friendship and salvation and of our desire to become like “god” means death to us. It is only in embracing the Lord who has come to be with us that we also find the fullness of life and not in being separated from God and from others.

The second are the servants who responded well to the king. They listened and did what the king commanded them. As a result, they became fruitful and were rewarded generously by the king. These servants proved that even in small matters they can be trusted.

This is a response that comes from faith and of the awareness of God’s generosity in us. Each of us is gifted and a steward of God’s gifts. Our faith as well as our person must also grow and become mature that we may become fruitful and productive. This will be evident in our relationships and in our way of life as Christians who invest in kindness and goodness, in concern and love, in understanding and community building.

The third were those who retreated in fear but indifferent. They were represented by the servant who did nothing after receiving the gold coin. He rather retreated in fear and hid. Indeed, the servant showed no response, unmotivated, unenthusiastic and unchallenged. His reason was fear of losing yet he also remained unproductive and un-creative.

Fear is therefore not the right attitude towards God and faith. The spirit of God gives us the confidence and strength yet when fear paralyzes us to become the person God wants us to be, then, this is not from God. The Lord continually calls us to overcome that fear and embrace rather the confidence and strength that God gives us.

We now ask ourselves, how do I respond to God? What do I make of my faith? How do I relate with people? What do I do with the talents, potentials and responsibilities I have?

As we are led today to see and recognize our failures, we may also come closer to the Lord who calls us to be productive, to become mature and to become more welcoming of his many invitations for us. Kabay pa.

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