When God Visits Us 

November 17, 2022 – Thursday of the 33rd Week in Ordinary Time

Click here for the readings (https://bible.usccb.org/bible/readings/111722.cfm)

How conscious am I of God’s many visits? Certainly, the Lord visits us because God desires that we shall be blessed by His divine presence. Yet, we could be more preoccupied with many things in life that we would take for granted God’s visits or not fully aware of His presence in us. The demands in our work, responsibilities at home or our studies or some other issues and concerns could sometimes be overwhelming that we lose the time to be more sensitive of God’s presence and even of the presence of people around us. The Lord, surely, comes to us and appears in ways that can be so ordinary and in ways we do not expect.

This is what we have received in today’s Gospel. Luke described to us how Jesus wept over Jerusalem because its people did not recognize that the Lord has already come and visited them. Jesus was constantly rejected because his appearance was not the way they expected it to be. The Messiah was believed to come majestically, with countless armies who shall defeat all enemies of Israel.

Let us remember, that this Gospel of Luke was also already written after the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. The Jews were shocked and in turmoil because of such abomination. Luke reminds us that our rejection of God leads us to misery and separation from the grace of God.

Hence, the Lord wept because he felt sad on how the people responded with cruelty and rejection against him. God only desires our freedom and salvation through our friendship with Him. However, we could be more focused on many things other than what God is offering us. Yet, the Lord is never tired of visiting us and letting us know that he has come to visit us, to offer his friendship with us and bring us into freedom, into peace and fullness of life.

This is where we also find God’s invitation for us today. The Lord continues to reach out to us, to visit us and to let us know that he is with us. God’s presence in our life will surely enrich our Christian faith as well as our relationships and daily affairs. It is our hope that as we carry things, we too shall grow in our awareness of God’s presence and let that divine presence give a significant impact into our daily life. There are at least three simple things I would like you to remember to grow in our awareness of God’s visits.

First, begin your day in prayer. There is no need for a long and wordy prayer but at least spend a moment of silence to recognize the Lord and his invitations for us day by day.

Second, bring the Lord with you. Whether you are going for work, for school or staying at home be aware that the Lord is with you. The Lord is not just in our moments of prayers or on Sundays in the Church. Allow the presence of the Lord to be there intertwined in your work, studies and house chores.

Third, recognize the Lord with people around you. This might be quite challenging especially when we encounter an annoying workmate, a bully at school, a problematic family member or an unjust person during the day. However, in any and in every situation, the Lord calls us to recognize him and respond to his invitations. In such a way, such awareness of God’s presence will help us to respond in compassion, in love, in showing concern or perhaps standing up for what is right and just, in defending the weak and in denouncing what is evil and unjust present in our community. Kabay pa.


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