June 20, 2021 – 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

+ Emmanuel T. Cabajar, C.Ss.R. D.D.

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The bacteria that caused the bubonic plague in the middle ages claimed 25 million lives – about three-fourths of Europe’s population. The survivors wondered where God was in this disaster. “Where are you, Lord? Don’t You care?” Today the Covid 19 virus causing the pandemic poses similar questions on God’s role and presence in this global havoc and tragedy!

Indeed, when we feel drowned by misery we often cry out, “Where are you, Lord? Don’t You care?” We don’t seem to recognize the Lord’s abiding presence even in the midst of storms, adversity, sorrow, temptation! Yet, He is always by our side with blessed assurance, “Why are you afraid? Have you no faith?” “It is I, do not be afraid.” When the Lord calms our storm and calls our name, we have to realize that great indeed is His loving mercy that elicits faith and longing to entrust to Him all our needs and cares.

Loving Father, our faith is Your gift, empowering us to relate to You with trust by accepting Your life-giving word. Your love strengthens our faith, enabling us to do justice and act with kindness to the poor and voiceless even in the face of trials and difficulties. How blessed are we whenever we allow Your love to rule in our heart and mind goading us to choose what is good and in accord with Your will!

Brothers and sisters, may the Lord deepen our faith in His redeeming power and love. May we always recognize His abiding presence with us and take courage in doing His will in all circumstances. Amen.


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