June 19, 2021 – Saturday 11th Week in Ordinary Time

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“How often do I worry? How often do I find myself anxious of many things?”

Our worries and anxieties is part of our life the moment we have become aware of ourselves and of the world. Parents would naturally worry about their growing children. Lovers may feel anxious of the security in their relationship. Workers and professionals may worry with the demands of their work and their relationships among their colleagues and superiors. We may worry these days because we might be infected by covid with its new variant. We may worry also about the vaccine that it might have terrifying side-effects on us.

However, when our worries and anxieties reaches the smallest and most trivial things in life and settle on them, then, we will be lost and distracted so much. These trivial worries and anxieties could paralyze us to the point that we will lose our peace of mind and worst our capacity to choose and transcend difficult moments in life.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus invites his disciples to set their hearts and seek instead the kingdom of God. Jesus felt that the disciples had grown more worried about their food, their appearance before the people, their security and even their future. Because of so much worries and anxiety, they became distracted and settled only with trivial things in their life

Consequently, it made their hearts full that it prevented God to fill them, to surprise them and satisfy them. Jesus also wants us that we become free from worries and anxieties which only prevent God to come to us and fill us with his presence.

Thus, the Lord invites us today to seek God’s kingdom and His righteousness. This will brings us into confidence in God who is most generous to us. This is what we have heard from the Paul’s letter today. Paul acknowledged God’s voice saying to him, My grace is sufficient for you.” Indeed, God’s grace sustains us and satisfies us only we are fully aware of God’s presence.

Today, we are called to seek God’s Kingdom. This means that we become more familiar with God’s presence in our everyday experiences. It is when we become familiar with His presence that we also grow in confidence and faith in God.

To seek God’s righteousness also means being more attuned with God’s desire for us. God’s desire lead us to peace, freedom and joy.

We may come and grew more in our confidence in God, whose grace is sufficient for us and therefore, find freedom from our unnecessary worries and anxieties. Hinaut pa. 


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