Guardian Angels


October 2, 2020 – Friday of the 26th Week in Ordinary Time

Memorial of the Holy Guardian Angels

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Do we all have guardian angels? Yes. Our Catholic tradition believes in the existence of angels. Just 3 days ago (September 29), we celebrated the feast of Archangels Michael, Raphael and Gabriel. They are the only angels being named in the Bible because of the great importance they played in the history of our salvation. Moreover, there are multitude of angels aside from them as it is also written in the Holy Bible in both Old and New Testaments.

In today’s Gospel, as we celebrate the feast of Guardian Angels, Jesus reminds his disciples of the angels who protects and guides the “little ones.” These angels always look upon the face of the heavenly Father, meaning, they too are very close to God. This closeness suggests that angels are indeed powerful intercessor of the “little ones” to God, the Father.

As we celebrate this beautiful devotion to the Guardian Angels, let us see a bit deeper God’s invitation for us today through the Gospel.

The question on “Who is the greatest in the Kingdom of heaven?” seemed to be a recurring concern among the disciples. They must have been very curious to know about this that at one time they were arguing on who was the greatest among them. They wanted security in the kingdom and they wanted assurance. Each of them showed to one another how worthy they were. However, this only revealed their self-entitlement. But then, the kingdom of heaven is not something that will be rewarded like a form of compensation to a person.

The kingdom of heaven is a sheer gift of God to us. And this gift is given to the “little ones” and not to the self-entitled and assuming people, and most especially not to controlling and dominating people whose intention is to subdue others in order to gain more for themselves.

The “little ones” are disciples of the Lord who in their smallness embrace God’s grace. These little ones trust in the providence of God. Thus, the “little ones” are symbolized by the image of a child. Each of the disciples, like us today, is called to become childlike. Nevertheless, not that we become children once again, but that we learn the qualities of children by being dependent to God and trusting God’s love. Moreover, like the children, we are called to be welcoming and embracing to the many surprises of God for us.

As we become like children, Jesus also calls us “not to despise” the “little ones,” the other disciples of the Lord, the least in our community, the poor and the sick because they too are God’s “little ones.” God’s “little ones” have protectors and powerful intercessors who are angels. These angels are indeed mighty for they are always near God, looking upon the glory of God. This suggests the intimacy of the angels being shared with God because of their closeness. They surely, are our most influential friends before God.

Hence, today, as we are called to acknowledge our guardian angels, acknowledge also that each of us has one who is always there on our side. We do not have to know their name or even assign name to our guardian angels. God intends that they remain nameless to us because naming them means having control over them. Our guardian angels are higher beings than us and we can never have control over them.

Our Guardian Angel’s presence with us is enough assurance that God is also with us. As we grow our devotion to our Guardian Angel, may each of us become each other’s guardian angel in human form. Protect, guide, and bring those people around us to be closer to God. May our friends and family members will truly feel God’s presence in us and through us. Hinaut pa.

Jom Baring, CSsR


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