The whole month of November, and particularly, November 2 – All Souls’ Day, is a traditional time for visiting the graves of our beloved dead (from the ORDO 2020). It has been our long tradition to visit and pray for the dead. Others would even spend the whole day or even the whole night at the cemetery on this special day for the dead. Relatives from all over the place would take time to visit. This has become an occasion of family gathering in remembering the life of those who have passed away.

This tells us of our deep connection with the dead, with our beloved dead, who have become a big part of our personal and family history. Thus, All Soul’s day is also a time of remembering the grace of persons of those who have died and to thank the Lord for the opportunity given to us to meet and encounter those people ahead of us.

It is just right that our visit become a day of prayer for them and with them. We believe in the Communion of Saints, and many of our beloved dead though were not publicly recognized as saints in the Church, have also lived a holy and humble life. And so we too ask their prayers for us that they may become our intercessors and guardians. For those who need our prayers and remembering for the forgiveness of their sins, we continue to pray for them that in God’s mercy, they too will be welcomed in God’s kingdom.

And because of the Covid-19 pandemic brought havoc into our way of life, disrupting what we used to do, the government set health measures this year. We are being prohibited to visit on the Day of the Saints and of the Souls, the cemeteries. Yet, remember, that we can still visit the place of burial of our loved ones in some other days. So, do not worry. There are still many days available in visiting them. In your visit, always remember to observe the health measures as to wearing of mask, hand sanitation and if other people are around too, then, observe physical distance. As you decide to visit them, pray as a family.

Below is A Family Prayer for our Beloved Dead which can be downloaded. It is in PDF file. You may choose to view it through your smartphone, iPad or tablet or print a copy. Feel free to download it and share.

May you find this simple prayer helpful in your visits and prayers for your beloved dead. God bless and stay safe!

Jom Baring, CSsR


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