This page provides a link for a free download of Sunday Liturgical Publication.

Feel free to download and share to others.

May your Sunday celebration of the Holy Eucharist be wonderful, life-giving and faith-inspiring.

This publication in PDF File contains the Prayers, Readings, and Reflection of Sunday.

More will be available to download soon.

Indulge yourself with more dosage of God today. Its only side-effect is you become holier. Enjoy!

God’s Mercy and Compassion: A Personal Encounter

I wanted to write my second reflection for “A Dose of God Today” during the Christmas break last year. However, a series of unpleasant events prevented me to do so. One significant hindrance was the demise of my elder brother. He died of cardiac arrest at the age of 62 last December 23, 2022 in…


Who are the millennials of the world today? They are those born between 1981 and 1996  (ages 27 to 42 in 2023). Previous to this group is Generation X and on the other hand, those born in 1997 onward are now referred to as Gen-Z. Ordinarily the onset of a middle life crisis hits only after 50…



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