I am now establishing my covenant with you

February 16, 2023 – Thursday Sixth Week in Ordinary Time

Click here for the readings (https://bible.usccb.org/bible/readings/021623.cfm)

The Book of Genesis in the story of Noah with God, we have heard how the Lord renewed the covenant with the whole human family. The Lord God still sees hope in us. And the wonder of this renewal of the covenant with God, as God says, “I am now establishing my covenant with you,” carries with it the call and responsibility to nurture, cherish, develop and give life.

What does it mean? As the Lord renews the covenant, God also demanded an accounting for the life of every animal and an accounting for every human life. This is not a threat from God but rather the Lord wants us to value every life. This is how the Lord wants us to flourish and discover the wonder of life here on earth and be embraced by life itself through the whole creation of God. Every creature of the Lord reflects God’s goodness and love and every human being also reflects and carries God’s image.

Thus, the call to be fertile and multiply must be understood within the context of life, in nurturing, cherishing, developing and giving life. This indeed, calls us to defend life from anything that will suppress life, abuse life and destroy life.

The very covenant that we have with God is a testament of that life and promise of the fullness of life. The rainbow is not just some ideological color, however, it is a biblical sign of God’s presence among us, a sign of life and a sign of renewal.

This calls us further to commit ourselves into that covenant with God so that we too shall become cooperators of God’s action and presence in the world in bringing and giving life. This can be fully expressed in our homes, communities and organizations, and into our relationships. Every time we give hope to those who felt hopeless, every time we give a helping hand to those who need it, every time we give more attention in taking care of animals and of nature – these are simple ways of expressing that covenant and call to give life.

In a way, the Gospel today tells us also how Peter recognized the fullness of life in Jesus as he confessed that indeed, Jesus is the Christ. However, after realizing that Jesus is to be persecuted, will suffer and die, Peter retreated from his commitment to be with Jesus, the Christ.

Like Peter, if we confess that Jesus is the Christ, our Lord and Savior, then, this confession implies commitment and risk. After all, when we commit ourselves to somebody we love, risks and sacrifices are implied.

Thus, as we embrace the covenant God made with us, may we come to fully commit in that relationship with the Lord. Let us therefore, allow our human relationships and relationship with the rest of the created world to be fertile where we can multiply love and multiply life. Hinaut pa.


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