The Call of Duty

November 7, 2022 – 32nd Week in ordinary Time

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It must have been difficulty and almost an impossible task to do what Jesus said to his disciples. Not to cause another to sin and to forgive one’s brother or sister many times are reasons why the Apostles of Jesus asked him, “Increase our faith.”

The weight of the call of duty of being a believer is so great for it requires commitment of oneself to the Lord and to what the Lord asks us to do and to be. Faith is therefore neither an affiliation to some group or organization nor to be partially accepted and practiced in one’s life. This reminds us again, that faith, is basically our relationship with the Lord who has called us. It is our response to the Lord who first loved us, as Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI said. Thus, faith molds our way of life, our way of thoughts and actions and affects significantly our relationships with each one as a community and those outside of our community.

What the Apostles asked of Jesus to increase their faith is a prayer to grow deeper, closer and more intimately in their relationship with Jesus that will make them more like him.

In a way, Paul expressed this in his letter to Titus. He directed Titus on what qualities to look for in appointing presbyters or elders and bishops in those Christian Communities. These people who shall be God’s steward are called to be Christ-centered and faith-oriented for they represent God and lead God’s people closer to the Risen Christ. This is their call of duty as leaders and as Christians. Hence, being a person that causes people to sin and becoming unforgiving is tantamount to being unchristian, being an unbeliever.

This is the very invitation for us today, that like the Apostles we may also ask the Lord to increase our faith. When we are tempted to give in to our selfish desires that may lead others to also sin, we pray, increase our faith Lord. When we are tempted to resort to violence because of our frustrations, failures and unfulfilled hopes which will affect our relationships with people, we pray, increase our faith Lord. When we are overwhelmed by our anger and hatred that our hearts become unforgiving, we pray, increase our faith Lord. When our heart will also tend to choose to be indifferent, cold and unconcerned of others, not wanting to relate and be involved in the struggles of others, we pray, increase our faith Lord. Kabay pa.


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