Seeing God as He is

November 1, 2022 – Solemnity of All the Saints

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The lives of the Saints, of those who lived a holy and a truly happy and contented life, proved to us that we are made for others and made for God. Indeed, we find the fullness of life not within us but outside of us. This is the common thing among the recognized and unrecognized saints in our Church and even those people outside our Church. People who find true joy in serving others, in giving life to others through their self-sacrifice, through their dedication and commitment to bring goodness in the lives of others were people who found true joy and contentment in life. The countless saints we have in our Church were conscious that their actions and very life were reflections of God’s presence and faithfulness.

This is why John in his first letter reminds that “We are God’s children now… that we shall be like him and shall see him as he is.” John tells us that we shall meet God, behold God, live with and in God’s presence. And this is the fullness of life. In fact, this fact is expressed in the Psalm today that says, “Lord, this is the people that longs to see your face.”

Moreover, this hope for the fullness of life that allows us to see God as he is, is not just limited in the future state of our life. However, the fullness of life, seeing God as he is and becoming more like God in heart and mind, can be already experienced in the here-and-now. This is what we find in the Gospel of Matthew in the famous Beatitudes of Jesus.

This tells us that even when we are suffering, experiencing hardships in life, or being persecuted and humiliated by others can become opportunities for us to live a holy and blessed life. The Lord gives us comfort and assurance through his divine presence and promise of a blessed life. This is how we too are being called today, as we remember and celebrate the Solemnity of All the Saints, that we may also share that blessed and fullness of life.

But let us remember, the fullness of life can only be experienced with others, with our friends and Church community, and with God just as the lives of the saints taught us. No fullness of life can be experienced when we are isolated from others or when we choose to distance ourselves from others.

Thus, when our way of life brings us farther away from others, then we too grow to become lonely. Yet,  this will only make us more insecure and fearful, devoid of that fullness of life. Rather than life, what we will have is sadness.

That is why, Pope Francis in his Encyclical Letter, Fratelli Tutti said, “go outside the self in order to find ‘a fuller existence in another.’ ” Meaning, that when we begin to think less of ourselves, to step outside our comfort zones, and outside our insecurities and fears, then, we also discover the fullness of life with the people around us.

This means that to experience truly what life is, is to be able to give life. Do not be afraid then, to share your life with others. Do not be afraid to meet and encounter people. Do not be afraid of disappointments and frustrations in our relationships with people. Those are part of life that are meant to be taken as lessons.

Thus, remember this, when we commit ourselves fully to love another, we also find joy and meaning in life. When we generously give something to someone in need, we do not only help a person but also experience the joy of helping another. Therefore, to live life joyfully and truly, is to be life-giving. May this feast inspire us then, to become modern day living saints. Kabay pa.


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