The Glory of God Alive in Us 

October 4, 2022 – Tuesday of the 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Paul recalled how his former way of life was very destructive, violent and filled with hatred. Yet, the Lord had greater plans for Paul. Despite the dark-past story in the life of Paul, God still worked wonders in his life. This was how Paul recollected that moment when Jesus revealed himself to Paul. The encounter of Paul with the Lord became a moment of conversion and transformation. Paul saw how at fault he was. Paul also was able to recognize how blinded he was.

Such personal realization of sin and darkness in the life of Paul became also the opportunity for the Lord to heal and bring freedom in the heart of Paul. Thus, Paul expressed this encounter in his letter to the Galatians, “[The Lord] called me through his grace.” Indeed, it was grace that saved Paul and transformed his life.

This moved Paul to give his whole life and undivided heart for the Lord, for his commitment to love others and bring them to the Lord. Consequently, people around Paul “glorified God because of him.” Yes, the people who were touched by him, glorified the Lord because they must have witnessed how God worked wonders in the life of a person like Paul whose history was filled with hatred and bitterness, violence and malice against Christians.

Indeed, the Lord works wonders in our life when we also begin to choose him, embrace him fully as the Lord chooses us and embraces us despite the mess we have in our life. This is something that our Gospel today pictures about. Mary who sat beside the Lord Jesus and listened to him “chose the better part.” Mary realized at that moment that Jesus came to visit them and so she choose God. However, Martha who was typically anxious and a worrier, made herself busy in preparing things.

Jesus did not need much serving at that moment. Yet, Martha made herself be overwhelmed with unnecessary concerns and worries. This became the reason why Martha was so distracted and failed to embrace the presence of the Lord at that moment. But Mary, choose the better part. She choose the presence of God at that moment. This transformed the life of Mary, and well, later on also of Martha, as the two became saints.

Today, the Church also celebrates the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi, a well-loved saint. Certainly, we too glorify God because of his works and example. St. Francis also chose the better part. He chose God who first chose him. Francis, indeed, chose the Lord over prestige and privileges. This was how he lived a simple way of life and an undivided heart for Christ and His Church.

This is the invitation for us today and that is to also choose the better part, in choosing and embracing the Lord wo has called us through his grace and who visits us today. Like Paul, Mary, Martha and Francis, may we also let the glory of God be alive in us by letting the grace of God transform our heart that may be filled now with grief and sorrow, anxieties and worries or with hatred and anger, bitterness and malice, violence and greed into a heart that is free, at peace and healed. Kabay pa.


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