June 3, 2022 – Friday of the Seventh Week of Easter

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Peter was asked by the Lord, “Do you love me more than these?” And Peter responded that his love for the Lord was beyond his failings, beyond his fears, beyond his denials, beyond his doubts. His love was a response of a greater love he received from God who despite his human failings, he was blessed and called.

Such love moved Peter to respond fully and offer completely his whole life and to let go of other things in his life. Those things include his hurts and pains, his personal dreams, career and even family, moved him to be completely available for God and for others.

This is a story that totally changed a person’s understanding of himself, a person’s perspective of life and relationships, and of a person’s belief in God. Remember, Peter was hopeless after the death of Jesus. He was filled with guilt because of his denial of Jesus. He was in darkness. This was the reason why we went back to fishing, going back again to his old self, old way of life and old ways of coping from problems and trials in life.

Yet, we also find the presence of Jesus, who never surrendered on Peter. There was the Risen Lord calling again Peter and the other disciples to find and recognize the Lord even at that disappointing night of catching nothing.

Love then is beyond our human feelings. Love is beyond our light and joyful moments in life even beyond our failings and pains. Love entails our daily commitment and generous response. It calls us to care for others, to look and tend for the welfare of others and to be able to give life for others.

This was how Peter was asked three times and was told also three times to tend and feed Jesus’ sheep, that is God’s people, God’s Church. Peter in return understood that he was loved by the Lord beyond his failures and inadequacies. Peter saw his potentials and gift to become a loving and a life-giving person to be expressed in his ministry.

In the same way, the Lord also calls us today, to respond in love that we way also be able to recognize that despite our failures, we are being loved unconditionally. And that despite our other attachments in life, we are asked to make it clear that God is our priority, that the Lord takes the central part of our thoughts and hearts.

May this allow us to constantly change our selfish and fear-motivated thoughts and actions into a free, caring and life-giving act of love wherever we are at this moment, and whatever is our status today. Kabay pa.


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