May 16, 2021 – Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord

+ Manny Cabajar, C.Ss.R., D.D.

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As He returns to heaven Jesus wants us to be His voice, His hands and His feet. He wants us to continue His work in the world. Often we are half-hearted, doing just enough to get by. This is not what Jesus wants. He tasks us to teach others all that He teaches us! What He freely gives to us, we are to freely give to everyone. Why does Jesus go from one town to another announcing the Good News? So many grope blindly in the darkness. They need Jesus. They need us to speak about Jesus and give Him to them. Filled with the Holy Spirit, the Apostles fearlessly go to the streets to proclaim Jesus. Their example edify us and their zeal is a blessing to us!

Too often we follow what’s popular in our society. The media gives us experts who see religion as out-of-style and proudly attract attention to themselves and forget God. We’d rather trust ordinary people who think religion is important. They have no degrees but know they need God and urge us to go to God and pray. A poor mother often teaches her children more about God than expert professors. It is simple mothers who believe and tell their children to help those in need as Jesus teaches. It is the hard-working families who keep the faith alight in the deepening darkness around us. Many say they don’t know enough theology to discuss it. You don’t need to discuss. Simply invite others to come to Mass with you and pray. Then, introduce them to the Pastor. God will do the rest!

Heavenly Father, we tend to avoid what is good if it seems to threaten peace. We tend to keep quiet about injustice or wrongdoing of a co-worker. We close our eyes to abuse and lack of accountability of a community leader as it is the politically right thing to do. Our silence means giving consent. We are sheep going astray. We are sorry. Remind us to be faithful to our calling and persevere in our work for You. You want us to be firm in Your ways. You want us to be right in Your eyes, never to compromise our Christian values just so we will be politically right to the majority. It’s never enough to find Jesus. You also want us to bring Him to others with courage. Help us bear witness to Him by truly living out our faith. Make us zealous witnesses among our peers in every life situation!

Father, You want us to share in Your work and be part of Your cause. Strengthen our dedication to Your work without bending the truth. Make us instruments of Your plan to save everyone. You command us, “Go out to all the world and tell the Good News”.

Blessed are we, brothers and sisters, if we respond, “Here I am, send me, Lord!”


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