February 25, 2021 – Thursday of the First Week of Lent

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What are we supposed to ask actually? What is it that we should really seek? The invitation of Jesus is grounded on a deep faith and trust in the goodness of the Lord. The Lord does not say that whatever we ask and desire will be given to us immediately and absolutely. Jesus wants us to realize how important it is to pray, to be able to communicate with God, with all honesty and humility.

Prayer, therefore, is not just about asking and desiring what we want only for ourselves, that we become self-centered. Prayer is allowing ourselves to be more aware of God’s presence in our life, and more aware of the people around us. Prayer builds up our faith and trust in God, but also, it brings us to be deeply in loved.

The story of Queen Esther in our first reading tells us about this. The Queen, in all humility, pleaded to the Lord God to rescue the people from death. She did not ask the Lord God to just secure her status, her title and wealth as Queen. She, however, became an intercessor on behalf of the people.

Queen Esther asked the Lord for courage and strength that she may be able to become a mediator between the people and her husband the King. She knew that this would be too risky and she might also lose everything she had as Queen. Yet, what she asked and sought from the Lord made her deeply in love with God’s people. Indeed, her prayer was answered because God found delight in her heart filled with humility and love.

As we continue to journey in this Season of Lent, may we also grow deeply in love with God and with people around us, making our heart more available for others and for God. Hinaut pa.


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