January 15, 2021 – Friday of the First Week in Ordinary Time

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Jesus saw their faith. This is what the Gospel told us today. Jesus was touched by the concern and love of those friends of the paralytic. These four men carrying their paralyzed friend showed their creativity by finding ways for their friend to meet Jesus and be closer to the Lord. They opened the roof above to bring their paralyzed friend down so that Jesus may heal and free him.

These four men must have recognized Jesus as the source of healing and life. This was what they wanted for their friend. They could no longer just look at him being paralyzed. They must have agreed and did all their best for the good of a sick friend. What they have done touched the Lord. Jesus did not just notice their boldness, but their faith driven by their concern for a person in need of help. They were not discouraged of the difficulty they experienced. The crowd that prevented them to enter the house did not stop them or even discourage them to go forward. They looked for ways because they believed.

Faith, indeed, grows, matures and does wonderful things in our community. This is the kind of faith that Jesus saw among these people. Their faith moves them to respond to the one in need. Their faith became an action of concern, of creativity, of helping and supporting one another, of loving and compassion.

Thus, through faith, the journey towards healing became possible. This tells us something important today of our faith. In the process of healing, we also need the help and presence of our community, of our friends and family.

Today, we also remember all those who have helped, extended themselves, their time and presence and resources to bring healing to those who are sick and in need of help. The many medical practitioners who assist those who are particularly sick of covid-19, and all those who are aiding to bring healing to those who are ill are like those four men. People and organizations who take the initiative to make a difference into the lives of the less fortunate and underprivileged are also like those friends who helped a friend in need.

May our faith and the presence of one another, move us also, to join and to respond as a community and as friends in order to bring those who are in need, sick and paralyzed not just by physical illness but also of fear and of sin, towards healing and towards the fullness of life, Jesus our Lord. Hinaut pa.


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