Words that Uplift and Inspire, Free and Heal

January 12, 2021 – Tuesday of the First Week in Ordinary Time

Click here for the readings (https://bible.usccb.org/bible/readings/011221.cfm)

The words in the Bible uplift, inspire and give life to us because they are filled with the Spirit of God. In the same way, when our words are also filled with love, sincerity and honesty, words also bring inspiration and even life.

Powerful and life-giving words are what we have heard in today. The Gospel of Mark tells us of the experience of the people from Capernaum. Jesus who taught the people in the synagogue found him different from the Scribes and Pharisees. Jesus spoke with authority not just with knowledge and familiarity of his teachings. Jesus spoke from the heart, from the wisdom of God that intends to give life to the people.

Hence, the people found life in his teachings, in his words. This was more manifested when Jesus encountered a man with unclean spirit. Through the words of Jesus, that unclean spirit was silenced and was commanded to come out of the man. That unclean spirit oppressed the man by taking out the voice of the person. The person was made a slave by that unclean spirit. Yet, through his encounter with Jesus, the man was given a chance to be freed and to be healed. This is the effect when words give life and freedom.

Through the words of Jesus, the unclean spirit came out of the man without doing any harm to the person. This tells us again how those words of Jesus truly brought life, freedom and healing because Jesus’ intention was of kindness and his words were out of generosity.

Today, Jesus also calls us to find healing, life, and freedom in his words and presence in the scriptures and in our Sacraments. Hopefully, what we find and receive will also be transmitted into our life that we ourselves will become life-giving and instruments of freedom.

It would be good then to examine our words and our encounters with people today.

Let these be our points of reflection today.

Are my words and presence, life-giving or condemning? Are my words uplifting, inspiring, freeing and healing? Or, are my words filled with hatred, anger and bitterness?

If we find our words and presence more of condemnation and judgments, of hate and bitterness, allow Jesus to transform us. Allow the Lord to cast out the unclean spirit in us that oppresses us and oppresses others. Allow Jesus’ words to make us free and make us at peace so that we too shall learn in giving words to others that are filled with love, life and freedom. Hinaut pa.


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