Trust in the Lord Forever

December 3, 2020 – Thursday of the First Week of Advent; Memorial of St. Francis Xavier

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Storms in life may struck us in the form of crisis in our family, friendship, with our health, career, or job or business. This can also be in the form of our personal struggles that we carry alone like the guilt that we hide in our hearts, our fears that paralyze us, our trauma that haunts us day and night.

In this Season of Advent, we are reminded that as we wait for the Lord to come, we might be troubled and our hearts filled with fear. Thus, Isaiah proclaims to us today, “Trust in the Lord forever.” As Isaiah brought a joyful hope to the people of his time, and so he does again to us today. The Prophet, whose words echo until today point us how the very presence of God becomes our strength. Though we wait for God’s coming but God’s presence can be ever felt in the here and now. God sustains us. God strengthens us.

That is why, Isaiah described God as our strong city. God surrounds us. God is beneath us. God is above us. And God is within us. This requires faith in us to trust fully the Lord who is always with us and for us. In trusting the Lord, we shall have peace because God will keep us in peace.

Moreover, as Isaiah calls us to faith by trusting God. The Lord Jesus also calls us to action. To believe and to trust in the Lord is not a mere thought or idea and not a lip-service. This also needs action. Thus, Jesus reminds us today, “to listen to His words and acts on them.”

By cherishing the word of God and imbibing the word into our life, thoughts and actions, then, we become a wise person, whose foundation is God, our eternal Rock. By loving the Sacred Scripture and receiving the Sacraments, we make ourselves more attuned to God’s presence. As we make ourselves available for God, this will mold us to become a person for others and with others.

God invites us today to be with others, to allow others to be part of our life. We shall discover, then, the strength, love and support from our friends, families and communities. To trust in the Lord leads us to become confident that the Lord is with us through the people who surround us.

As we are being tossed by the storm these days, whatever that may be, please take comfort by trusting the Lord who is with us, through our friends, families and the Church. Hinaut pa.


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