Faith is loud and so make it daring

November 16, 2020 – Monday of the 33rd Week in Ordinary Time

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Faith is loud and it echoes into the heart of God and into the hearts of many. Our Gospel today tells us about this, in the beautiful healing story of a blind beggar. Let us explore his story.

The blind man was sitting by the roadside and by being on the side, this tells us that he did not belong to the privileged people. He was one of the despised and outcast because he was ill. He was blind and so people believed that he was cursed. He was considered unclean and so people would not dare touch him.

Yet, this blind man believed in the Son of David. His physical blindness did not prevent him to recognize that the Lord was near and that God was in Jesus. When he heard that Jesus was passing by, he cried out, “Jesus, son of David, have pity on me.” The Blind man must have heard a lot already about Jesus. The stories he heard made him believe that Jesus too can heal him.

However, people around him seemed to discourage him. They wanted to keep him silent, yet, he cried louder all the more. This tells us that true faith is neither passive nor indifferent. Faith is always loud. Faith disturbs the arrogant and the powerful, that is why, they would try to keep faith silent, to suppress and kill it.

He was not afraid to show his faith because he truly believed in Jesus. This is what Jesus wants us, that is, to make our faith daring and loud. Faith leads us to listen to Jesus’ invitation and to respond to his call.

This is what the blind man showed. Jesus called him and he was brought to Jesus. Indeed, as faith moves us, faith also moves God and moves people around us. Notice the movements then. The loud faith of the Blind Man, caught the attention of Jesus and so was moved by the expression of the man’s faith. This made the people to be also moved and helped the man to move closer to Jesus.

Moving closer to Jesus also requires us to let go of our habits and attitudes that kept us stagnant, passive and unmoved. Letting go and moving towards God, will help us to listen carefully to Jesus, to his desire for us. The words of Jesus was so moving, he said, “What do you want me to do for you?” The Lord knows what we need. But then, Jesus wanted the man to name what he needed – to recognize his blindness. Healing can only begin when we recognize what is wrong with us. Thus, any medication will not work if we continue to deny our true illness.

Thus, the response of the blind man to Jesus was an expression of self-awareness. He said, “Lord, please let me see.” Consequently, we are invited by Jesus to name our own blindness, our own illness and the evil that is within us so that Jesus can work in and through us.

The man began to see when Jesus made him realize that his faith saved him. This was because the man believed in Jesus that he began to see the face of God in Jesus which moved him too to follow the Lord.

God invites us today, first, to make our faith daring and loud. Second, to let go of whatever that prevents us from going near to Jesus. And third, to name and speak of the blindness, the illness and the evil that is within us.

Hopefully, by responding to Jesus with our faith we too shall experience healing and begin to see clearly the face of God among ourselves and especially among those who are continually oppressed and abused by the evil structure creeping in our culture today. Hinaut pa.

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