Come and be filled today


April 29, 2020 – Wednesday Third week of Easter

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Jesus talked about the human conditions of hunger and thirst. However, Jesus was not just talking about the physical hunger and thirst but more than that. These include our emotional and spiritual hunger and thirst which could be for love and affection, for attention and recognition from others, for relationship and intimacy. These can also be our own desire to have power over others, to be in total control of our lives, or to have influence to people around us. 

These difficult days brought by COVID-19 Pandemic, we might hunger for company because he have been separated from our loved ones. We might hunger for healing because we are sick. We might hunger for comfort because we are distressed, anxious, afraid and depressed. Thus, our human hunger and thirst could sometimes be unquenchable.


When we become not aware of our desires, of these hungers and thirsts we have within us, the danger is to submit to these greedy desires that we have. In fact, these desires can be reason why we become possessive of material things and even of people, not wanting to share what we have because we feel insecure. Our heart will also become corrupt because we will tend to gather things and people for our own enrichment. These attitudes will surely blind us from seeing and recognizing other people and their needs because we tend to only see ourselves while trying to satisfy our own hunger and thirst.

Today, we are called by the Lord to humbly recognize our own hunger and thirst that keep us away for others and from God. What are those that keep me selfish and self-serving? When we are able to recognize them, Jesus invites us “to come to him.” 

What Jesus said to the Jews, he is also saying to us today, “come to me and you will never be hungry, believe in me and you will never be thirsty.”

Jesus promises us that when we come and believe in him in faith and humility, he will be with us. Jesus assures us of his presence and his company. He said this to us, I will never reject anyone who comes to me.” The friendship that we shall develop with Jesus will surely bring us into the security of being with God, trusting in his providence and generosity. 

Thus, despite whatever hunger and thirst we have now never allow those to prevent us from coming to Jesus, or to hinder us from letting Jesus to fill and satisfy our hearts with his presence. And so with Mary, let us come with confidence to Jesus, who shall never reject, but will even gladly, welcome us. Hinaut pa. 

Jom Baring, CSsR


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