What are my temptations?

The message for us today is to allow the Holy Spirit to lead us into our own deserts, to face our own struggles, difficulties and problems. We are called not to escape from our own difficulties and challenges in life but to face them with courage and faith. Like Jesus, we too are assured that the Holy Spirit is with us. Hopefully, we may discover and reaffirm God’s tremendous love and forgiveness for us in this season of Lent, to renew and transform us. Hinaut pa.Continue reading What are my temptations?

Get-rid, Get-into, Get through

Easy for us indeed to fall into temptations. The biggest problem in dealing with temptations is our lack of self-knowledge, our lack of recognizing and overcoming the evil within ourselves. We struggle with the evils of others and in our society but the toughest struggle is to acknowledge and overcome the evil within our own selves, the evil in our own hearts. We were born with conflicting goodness and evil within. That is why we can be good and can do good, but not easily, since there are always tensions and struggles within ourselves. Moreover, we can only withstand these difficulties, if we are wise enough to rely not only in our strength but in God’s help and power. Continue reading Get-rid, Get-into, Get through

Not mine but God’s power

This is how Jesus calls us today – that is to never forget that each of us is God’s instrument, that we are weak and powerless without God on our side, not to grow arrogant and self-centered but rather grounded on our experience of God’s goodness and generosity in us – that may hopefully make us humble enough to pray and ask God’s help.Continue reading Not mine but God’s power