Chapter 1

What does the WORD OF GOD have to say about young people?

What do you think?

Does the WORD OF GOD favor the young?

Does it discriminate or praise the young?

How relevant is the WORD OF GOD to me, then, as a young person?

Are you a person who seeks wisdom and guidance?

Do you get lost at times and don’t know what to do when life gets rough?

Are you being overwhelmed with pressure from family, from friends, from school, from work or from your other relationships?

Are you struggling with your life now?

Do you feel empty and lonely?

Are you in pain and suffering in silence?

Do you seek love and affection, attention and praise, acceptance and happiness?

Are you amazed with so much joy and grace, blessings and peace in your life?

Do you feel the love of those people around you?

Are you feeling the presence of God embracing you?

These are just the possible questions that we may ask as young people as we continue to maneuver our life, discover ourselves, develop our potentials, and build relationships. Pope Francis in his book CHRISTUS VIVIT (Christ is Alive) a post-synodal apostolic exhortation, particularly Chapter 1, reminds us of the richness and the wonder that the Sacred Scriptures or the Bible contained, especially with regards to us, young people.

Indeed, the Sacred Scriptures speaks of the many experiences of the young people and their encounter with the Lord who draws near to encounter them.

Reminder: It is God who draws near first to encounter the young people.

Let us see and discover together how God makes himself known to young people in the OLD TESTAMENT.

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