Take a Stand

April 5, 2023 – Holy Wednesday

Click here for the readings (https://bible.usccb.org/bible/readings/040523.cfm)

Worse than their disobedience – for eating the forbidden fruit, Adam & Eve commit the sin of not taking responsibility for their actions. When God asked them why they disobeyed Him, they blame not themselves but rather each other & the snake. Simply put, they don’t own up their promise & responsibility for their actions. They don’t take responsibility for their mistakes. In effect, sin happens & sinfulness abounds – remains to exist. Same way, whenever we don’t own up our promises & our actions, & most especially continue not to take responsibility for our mistakes, we hurt ourselves; we hurt one other; we hurt others; & we ultimately hurt God & our Lord Jesus Christ.

Today is Holy Wednesday, also known as Spy Wednesday, because of the treachery & betrayal of Judas Iscariot. As this story preludes the suffering, eventual persecution & death-caused by Judas’ betrayal, the passion of our Lord is about & also caused by irresponsibility of the other disciples. When Jesus told them that one of them would betray Him, they, even his betrayer, asked, “It is’nt me, is it, Lord?” Here they concerned themselves not so much of taking responsibility for Jesus & defending Jesus, but rather on suspecting who among them is the said betrayer, except themselves. Rather than taking responsibility for Jesus, they concern much on their self-image & finger pointing for someone to blame.

With this, Jesus said: ‘You said it’, “Sugid mo, sinabi mo”. Here Jesus is not about who is the betrayer, but asking His disciples-then & us-now to take a stand & be responsible for our promise & action to Him. So, rather than be concerned about whether you & I, or one of us is & has been a Lord’s betrayer to blame, Jesus wants us to CLAIM & SAY to ourselves: “IT IS NOT ME” (period). By our sins, yes, we may have at times betrayed him, but this time on we may promise ourselves: NOW, I choose not to betray you, Lord. I stand & take responsibility for You, whatever may happen.”

Today is more than just about our possible betrayal & abandonment of the Lord, but moreso, about our commitment in owning up & taking responsibility to follow and stand for the Lord in our lives, so that we may not remain a burden but rather be His responsible disciple of His passion.

So Be it.

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