Getting Started

April 1, 2023 – Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion

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“What would Jesus say? What would Jesus’ advice to us these days?” As we begin Holy Week today, we review first the lessons we might have learned about our faith & life from Sundays of Lent.

In the 1st Sunday, with the Lord’s temptation, we are made aware that our experiences of life-temptations are but test of faith to rise & stand up for our faith. 2nd Sunday reminds us that like His transfiguration, our prayer life is our chance to meet Him & our Father personally, and to listen to God’s agenda rather than our own business. With the Samaritan Woman, 3rd Sunday teaches us that our experiences of dryness in faith & relationships invite us to remain steadfast & be open to know Him more deeply, and so renew our faith in Him intimately. The healing of the blind man in 4th Sunday shows us that our spiritual sight & blindness are limiting & limited, and so we need to widen our view of life & try to consider life from God’s perspective, will & plan than our own. The raising of Lazarus last Sunday challenges us that in our misfortunes, disappointments, & frustrations in life, we are to believe & trust in Him who is the Resurrection & the Life for all ends not in death but in God’s glory.

Now today is Palm Sunday – marks the beginning of our Holy Week this year. These coming days of the week is our time and space to BE with our God. This week is our God-time and God-space. Particularly this week is more than just our chance to be with God but moreso, God’s chance to be with us. Meaning, this week is not only our time and space with God but more so GOD’s time and space with us.

It is more like, God through Jesus must be first and foremost Be with us rather than We must be with God. The center or focus of this week then is not ourselves but God. This week is not about us and ourselves but about HIM and His being with us now. This is our chance then to experience, encounter and meet God in His own terms and not on our own terms. The best attitude then is to let Him set the agenda, activities, schedules, and venue of this week. Meaning, to let Him takes the steering wheel – let Him drive your life this week – let God be God, not be a god as we want or need Him to be. 

To do this and make the best of this week, allow me to suggest some appropriate approaches.

First, RECALL. As I have said, this is not about us but about Him. So, once again be reminded, that is to put into our minds – God’s story with Us which is the Jesus story. We are to call again and remember what God did, does and is doing to us through the life and mission of Jesus Christ. So, time and space to Recall, Remind, Remember God’s story with us through Jesus rather our story with God.

Then, REFLECT. This is an invitation to mirror back God’s story with and along our faith-stories these past few months. In other words, Manalamin. To look and see our faith-life experiences from the point of view of God’s story and less from our own perspective. Meaning, Be moved. Be disturbed. Be influenced. Be shaken. Be challenged. Be transformed by God’s story, presence, words, movements, plans, agenda and will for us – you and I now.

And above all, RESPOND to what, when, how, when and where God is calling, inviting, and leading you now in whatever faith-life commitment you choose to be. Meaning, whether you are ordained, married, professed, or baptized Christian, be a BETTER Christian as you choose and committed to be.

We begin Holy Week today. Recall, Reflect, and Renew what God did, does and is doing in You and Us now by being with God, not in our own terms but in His own terms.

Consider that it was once said: “Jesus did not say, ‘I am finished’, but said: ‘It is finished’. He is just getting started.”

May we have a blessed and inspiring week ahead.

So Be it. Amen.


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