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December 25, 2022 – The Nativity of the Lord (Christmas)
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The arrival of a child into a family is a great occasion of Joy. I remember when my first niece was born into our family, every one of us were happy and proud to have a new member in our family. We all gathered in my brother’s home, taking a good look and touch at baby Pauline. The child has indeed brought joy and happiness within our family.

As much as the baby is welcomed and loved in our family, with her, there came a bit of stark reality that cannot be overlooked. We know this child is going to cost a lot of changes in the lifestyle of the family. We realized that with baby Pauline, each and every one of us has to assume New responsibilities and lifestyle as her lolo, lola, auntie, uncle, nanay and tatay. As much as the baby brings joy into our family, she will also bring changes into our family, making our life different and will never be the same again.

In the same way, the birth of Jesus is a reason for great joy, not only to Mary and Joseph, to shepherds and kings, but also to the world and to us all. Jesus, the Word of God made flesh and lived among us, is God’s greatest gift to us – a savior has been given us. Because of his great love for us, through Jesus, God became like us and stayed with us. Is’nt that great?

But we all know that this has brought great joy as well as great changes in our lives because as Jesus became part of our lives, life has never and will never be the same again. Jesus, God’s gift to us, is not like the gifts we receive this Christmas, like shirt or pants that we will sometimes use, or books that we may never read at all, or good food we will eat, or a figurine we will just decorate.

God giving us the gift of His son is like having a new baby, a new member in your family. Inasmuch as it brings great joy in our family, it also entails a lot of responsibilities and a lot of changes, making our lives different and never the same again.

To celebrate Christmas is to receive once again Jesus, in our very lives, in our homes and our families. It is not enough just to welcome and love Him as our guest; we also have to invite Jesus to stay and be a member in our homes and family to bring about joy as well as changes in our life.

Aside, beyond, and above bonuses, gifts, parties, decorations, holidays, food and drinks, Christmas is our acceptance of the Word of God made flesh into our own lives. It is about receiving a Child into our hearts and life in our own very home. It is about receiving anew God’s child Jesus to be part of our own lives always. 

Particularly today, on this Christmas day, spent quality time with your own family in your home. Remember that the first family who has accepted you as you are, and who you choose to be with is your own family. It is within a family that the Word of God became flesh & lived with us. So, also within our family, however broken & imperferct it may be, that the Lord has blessed & loved us always. So again, take this moment to spend quality, either face-to-face or virtually with our own family for Home is where we came from, where we receive our Lord, and where God’s change happens in our lives.

Have a Blessed Christmas Season within our Home. Amen.


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