Better for others

November 24, 2022 – Thursday of the 34th Week in Ordinary Time

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A wise man once said: “We are like a bottle of medicine where God puts a label on it: SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING”.

Like a good wine drink or a sumptuous dish, some good things in life are at their very best if and when they are well-shaken, cooked, stirred and well-processed. Same thing could be said to us, Christians. Human as we are, we prefer not to be disturbed, on distress and discomfort. However, we are at our best selves not when we are pure, perfect or unblemished. Usually our greatness lies in these moments of struggles and sufferings – when we are shaken and disturbed by life’s misfortunes and trials. Saints become saints and great not because they are perfect but because, despite their imperfections and life-struggles, they remain steadfast witness to faith and medicine to others. Like a bottle of medicine, for us to be effective medicine to others, sometimes we need to be disturbed by God from our comforts and shaken vigorously by the trials and sufferings of life. We are meant to be shaken well before using. 

So when things are rough and tough; and when life seems so hard and confusing  perhaps we are being shaken by God in order to BE BETTER FOR others – a better person, witness and Christian for others. Just like what Jesus said: “When these things happen, stand up and raise your head for your salvation is near.”


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