Who do we follow?

November 22, 2022 – Tuesday of the 34th Week in Ordinary Time

Click here for the readings (https://bible.usccb.org/bible/readings/112222.cfm)

Who do we follow? What do we follow? What matters to us most? These are three questions that brings us into the message of the readings today. These will allow us also to see what is in our heart as we are about to close the Liturgical Calendar of the Church and begin a new one.

Thus, on today, John in his Book of the Revelations tells us of the end of time. It will be a time of gathering and harvesting what God has planted. Yet, it will also be a time of throwing away what were not of God’s harvest. Moreover, the Gospel of Luke today speaks as well of the end of time. However, Jesus warns us to beware with whom we listen and follow. Though the Gospel speaks of destructions and other horrifying events, yet, as Jesus assures us, this is not the end.

This is why, Jesus comforts us, “Do not be terrified! Do not be afraid!” The end of time and God’s time will be a moment of truth, a moment of joy, a moment of everlasting peace to all who listened and followed Jesus. This is a moment of contentment and fulfillment of what we desire most and long for because the presence of God will rest upon us.

As we await Jesus’ second coming, we are invited to evaluate our life and change our way of life according to the way of life of Jesus when we called. Hence, we ask ourselves, who do we follow? Is it the Spirit of God or the Evil spirit? What do we follow? Is it our personal desires, whims and wants? Or God’s plan and desire for us? What matters to us most? Is it success and wealth? Comfort and self alone? Our contentment and happiness? Our relationships and faith?

May these questions brings us closer in the mind and heart of God who longs for us and desires that we will be in communion with the divine. Kabay pa.


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