Michael, Gabriel and Raphael

September 29, 2022 – Feast of the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael

Click here for the readings (https://bible.usccb.org/bible/readings/092922.cfm)

If you have been named after one of these Archangels, then, today is truly your feast day! Those who bear these Archangels’ names also bear the ministry and mission behind their names, something that we also all share and called to be.

Though Michael, Gabriel and Raphael are not human beings like us, but spirits, Archangels, each of them has something to teach us. Each of these Archangels reveals qualities that we can learn and develop as we relate with one another and nurture our relationship with God.

The reason why they are traditionally called as “Archangels” and not just “angels” is because of the great importance behind the ministry given to each of them by God. This how their ministries are also revealed through their very names.

The name “Michael” means “the one who is like God.” The Book of Revelation mentions Michael and his angels battled against the dragon identified as the Devil and Satan. Michael fights the Devil and defends the people of God. Indeed, Archangel Michael shows the might and power of God. Thus, the name and the ministry of Michael tells us how goodness will always defeat evil, and how God overpowers the Devil.

The Archangel Gabriel will always be remembered because of the role that Gabriel played in the birth of Jesus. The name “Gabriel” means “the strength of God.” When Gabriel announced to Mary the incarnation of the Son of God through her, the Archangel also revealed how the strength of God was manifested in the ordinary life of Mary and in the smallness of the birth of a child. Gabriel also announced the birth of John the Baptish that revealed how God showed power through the childless old couple, Zechariah and Elizabeth. This child prepared the way of the Prince of Peace. The ministry of Gabriel reminds us that the strength of God is found even with the small, with the ordinary even with those that the world thought to be insignificant.

The Archangel Raphael brings healing to people. Thus, the name “Raphael” means “God’s remedy.” In the Book of Tobit particularly in chapter 12, Raphael healed Tobit from his blindness and freed Sarah from a demon that tormented her. The ministry of this Archangel tells us how God touches us to heal us, to heal our wounded hearts, and to heal our tired bodies and tormented spirits.

This calls us now to seek the intercession of these Archangels, and to learn from them and develop those characters that these Archangels possess.

Thus, like Michael who is called the one who is like God, we are called to also protect others, to defend the weak and the least in our community, and not to let darkness and evil to win. As individuals and as a community, we do our best with the help of God’s grace to counter our evil desires and the evil intentions of those who are corrupt and abusive.

Like Gabriel, who is the strength of God by announcing the coming of the Lord, we are also called to announce Jesus to all but first we are called to always welcome and embrace Jesus in our life.

Like Raphael, who is God’s remedy, we are also called to be instruments of healing. Touch others with your kindness and concern, with your friendship and love as God touches us with his presence. Kabay pa.


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