Bridging the Gap

The Gospel reminds us that success and security in life are not about what we have accumulated or about the material possession that we have amassed. We are only truly successful and secured when we have built lasting and true relationships with people around us and with God, when we have learned to bridge the gap between one another and begin to see each other as brothers and sisters. Only then, that we shall break our sin of indifference, of our lack of concern for others, of our complacency.
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Sacrament: Love made visible

Have you been in love? I am sure that you have been in love too. The first time I realized that I was in love, it made me restless until I could have a glimpse of her. I realized that my attitude towards her had changed. I suddenly became more caring and thoughtful towards her. Though that puppy love did not last as it was based on emotional and physical attraction only, but that gave me a bit of understanding how love can change a person’s behavior…

Moreover, our Christian understanding of Love is much deeper than that. It is beyond romantic love, beyond physical attraction or emotional attachment. It is more concrete than those. If you have been listening to the prayer earlier, what we have prayed described “who love is.” Notice, I did not say, “what love is,” but “who love is.” Meaning, love is a person who concretely showed to the beloved that love. Yes, love is a person, God’s self-revelation is love and made visible through Jesus. What I prayed and shared with you in that opening prayer is the story of love being revealed to us, in our human history. It’s love that creates, that liberates, gives life and gives hope.

This is what sacrament is. This is what I want to share with yo, to always remember that the sacraments in our Church are concrete expressions of Love, expressions where the grace of love, of loving and of being loved made visible. Thus, Sacraments are expressions of love made visible.
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