June 18, 2022 – Saturday of the Eleventh Week in Ordinary Time

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Many of us would certainly find ourselves worrying about tomorrow, about our future especially when we are already experiencing difficulties today. This is how we would make plans for our dreams for ourselves and for our families because we want a future that is secured.

However, aside from these worries, we could also experience worries at home, at school, at our workplaces and even with our relationships. And when these worries become overwhelming for us, they affect our relationships. In addition, when we experience failures in our dreams or in our relationships that the worries become more intense.

Yet, in today’s Gospel, Jesus comforts us by reminding us, “do not worry about tomorrow, do not worry about your life.” Jesus first reminded his disciples who at that times became worried on what they would have and on how their future be like by following the Lord. St. Matthew, the author of this Gospel, wrote this story to also remind the early Christian Community during his time, not to worry too much with material things in life.

This is an invitation to be more trusting in God, in His divine providence. God, indeed, takes care of everything even the smallest creature on earth, how much more to us who are all dear to the Lord. God takes care for us.

Thus, we embrace today and claim this comfort from the Lord, not to worry too much, but to be more trusting in God and in his ways of doing good and wonderful things for us. This also teaches us to be more trusting with people around us, those who work with us and those who accompany us in this journey of life. Kabay pa.


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