June 10, 2022 – Friday of the Tenth Week in Ordinary Time

Click here for the readings (https://bible.usccb.org/bible/readings/061022.cfm)

Elijah realized that he missed so many things and was distracted by many overwhelming events in his life. Consequently, he failed to see and recognize God’s abiding presence revealed in the most ordinary ways. This tells us that in order for us to keep our focus on God and not on those overwhelming fears and threats that we may have at this moment, is to also keep a constant awareness of God’s presence. God reveals his divine presence in ordinary and simple ways. In ways, if we are not fully aware, we could just take for granted.

Why? Because God does not come to threaten us with His presence or to threaten us with his power. The Lord comes “like a tiny whispering sound” to caress us and to comfort our troubled hearts. This was the experience of Elijah as he went out from his hiding place and encountered God, not in those imposing and overwhelming wind, earthquake and fire, but in that whispering sound.

This invites us now that for us to welcome God also, then, like Elijah we have to do our part. We have to step forward or to go ahead of our fears, of our sins and failures, or our sadness and grief.

The Gospel today describes this movement of welcoming God in an attitude that leads us to freedom by “tearing off and cutting off” those that are dragging us into the cave of our fear and selfishness. Remember, Elijah’s fears dragged him into the cave to hide. Yet, as God invited him, Elijah also has to cut off or to stop even for a moment those fears that dragged him deep into the cave of his fear. True enough, as Elijah did that, he too found courage to meet God who waited for him.

The words of Jesus in the Gospel give a deeper meaning, “If your right eye causes you to sin, then, tear it out and throw it away,” or “if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away.” Jesus wants us to tear off and cut off sin from our system that only separates us from God and from others. Jesus wants us to tear off and cut off our fears that are dragging us down to the cave to hide.

May we have the courage then, to meet and encounter the Lord even in the most simple and ordinary ways so that God may also transform us, free and heal us today. Kabay pa.


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