June 4, 2022 – Saturday of the Seventh Week of Easter

Click here for the readings (https://bible.usccb.org/bible/readings/060422.cfm)

There would be times in our life that we cannot help but compare negatively ourselves with others. We begin to see more defects, more failings, more pain and more insecurities in our life especially when we are also going through something and when life gets rough for us. That helplessness must have come from our desire to understand our situation and to cope up with the struggle we are going through.

Thus, we compare our insecurities against the fortunes and blessings of others to justify our situation. This must be our way of coping. Yet, we also know that it does not help us see beyond and move forward. The more we compare ourselves with others, the lesser we see ourselves and belittle our worth. This only brings us into a dead end.

This is how our relationships and understanding of oneself affect us when we grow in this kind of perspective and attitude. It can be a plague not just among young people but even among professionals, siblings, neighbors and colleagues. The bitterness of comparison and insecurities can poison our relationship with one another.

However, it is always God’s desire that we discover our full potentials, develop more our capacities and grow maturely in our relationships and become life-giving. This is what Jesus wanted for Peter to realize also.

In today’s Gospel, Peter expressed his anxiety to Jesus over the beloved disciple. Peter was anxious and perhaps also curious on what would happen to the beloved disciple. Peter asked, “Lord, what about him?” He must have other questions in mind like, “What are your plans for him? Do you have something in mind for him aside from me?” That anxiety of Peter must have come from jealousy because of the fact that the disciple was called “beloved,” meaning, the favorite of Jesus. This was how also word (gossip) spread among the brothers that the beloved disciple would not die.

Yet, Jesus said, “What concern is it of yours?” Jesus wanted Peter to recognize his potentials, to fully embrace what he was capable of, and to respond generously to Jesus’ call for him and not be distracted by what others have. Jesus wanted Peter to trust him completely because Jesus shall work many wonders with Peter and in each one of them according to their talents and personalities.

In fact, the Gospel told us today, “there are so many things that Jesus did, but if these were to be described individually, the whole world could not contain the books that would be written.” This, indeed, is a statement how the Lord worked wonders with Peter and in each of the disciples.

In each of us too, Jesus works many wonders with us if we would allow him to. Hence, these are God’s invitation for us today.

First, when we begin the cycle of comparing ourselves from others, catch that mentality and attitude then begin to shift our perspective. Let us begin recognizing our own worth, reclaiming our potentials and talents. This will surely help us to become confident with ourselves by becoming more grateful.

Second, to trust fully the Lord. Trusting the Lord does not mean that we will not be able to feel frustrated and disappointed anymore. The Lord may bring or call us to situations that we personally do not want. The Lord may work wonders with us in the way we do not expect it to be that way. Thus, trusting fully the Lord is allowing ourselves to become confident with ourselves and confident in God’s presence doing many wonders with us and through us. Kabay pa.


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