May 30, 2022 – Monday Seventh  Week of Easter

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People who are severely ill, those who are haunted by their traumatic experiences, and those who suffer chronic depression would mostly agonize the feeling of being alone and lonely. At the height of this pandemic, when infections were so high, the pandemic left many individuals to that feeling of being alone. The isolations and lockdowns, no movements and Enhanced Community Quarantines increased the anxiety and fear to many of us.

To feel alone, indeed, is a terrible feeling. It makes a day no matter how bright it would be, to be so dark. Even though many people will surround us physically, this feeling detaches us from their presence. This explains how a person who is alone and lonely would compensate that feeling by having many distractions as a way of coping and entertaining oneself.

Yet, this causes people to be so sad and depressed. How much more if physically people will leave us alone? If someone we love and so dear to you would just go away and leave us? Then, this would be a horrible feeling.

People who work away from their family would also feel being alone. They cannot help it but work from a far to give more opportunities for their family and for the children especially. Yet, as a consequence, they have to endure such loneliness for their sake in the case of migrant workers.

In the Gospel today, Jesus reminded us of his conviction of the presence of his Father. Jesus knew that his disciples would abandon him when he will undergo his passion. The disciples will retreat and hide because of fear even though that would mean that Jesus will be left alone to suffer and die.

However, Jesus was filled with confidence that his Father will never abandon him. Hence, the Father was there with Jesus even at the cross where Jesus felt being abandoned.

Today, Jesus wants us to have the same conviction and confidence. Indeed, we are never alone. The Lord is with us, always with us. This is the promise of Jesus to us today.

Thus, when we feel alone, let it be known that we are never alone. When a terrible sickness hits us, when a traumatic experience haunts us, when depression bothers us, remember, God is with us.

Those of us who are away from home and away from our families, Jesus comforts us that he is always with us. Today, we can say, “I am not alone.” Kabay pa.


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