March 4, 2022 – Friday after Ash Wednesday

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Fridays of Lent are days of abstinence from meat. Though not obliged but encouraged for below 18 & above 60 years old faithful, Catholics during Lent practice abstinence from meat during Fridays of Lent.

We should understand that fasting is not only our penance – our way to be repentant for our sins and be reconciled with God, but most of all, fasting is our way & chance to help those who are in need and hungry. St. Augustine once said: “Don’t think that fasting is enough. Yes, fasting may be a form of penance but it will not save our neighbors. Righteous is your fasting and abstinence if it helps the needs of others. How many poor hungry people be satisfied by the food you fasted and abstained today?”

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Meaning, fasting is not for our personal gains but for the salvation of others. Our bishops even remind us that it is poverty, not politics is the greatest problem in our country today. Whatever savings, then we have acquired from our fasting during Lent & during Friday abstinence from meat could and should be our contribution and extended help to those who are in need. In this way, Lent would be real sacrifice for it would personally and deeply affect our stomachs and pockets.

Our Lenten practices of fasting, prayer, and charitable works during this season then are not for our sake but for the sake of other than ourselves.

We hope and pray then that the food we fast and the things we abstain from having within this season be converted and become rice, clothing, and food for our poor and hungry neighbors, especially during these trying pandemic times.

So be it.


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