Ash Wednesday (Mercy)

March 2, 2022 – Ash Wednesday

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MERCY. Lenten is all about Mercy. As we begin the season of Lent today, better for us to have a good understanding of God’s mercy being continuously offered to us.

Often, we think of Lent with dread because we often associate it with giving up something. “I have to give something up” we habitually reflect during these times. But giving up something during Lent is more than just about self-denial, self-discipline, and imposition of burden. Giving up something, (that is, by praying, fasting, doing works of mercy) is an invitation to God’s mercy. It is about entering & experiencing God’s mercy once again & anew on a much deeper & intimate level.

We observe Lenten discipline of prayer, fasting & works of mercy by giving up something so that we may experience once anew God’s love and mercy into our lives.  Lent, we remember is all about receiving, benefitting from & sharing with others God’s mercy rather than just giving up something through self-denial, self-discipline, or imposing burden to oneself & others. In other words, Lent is our chance & our way to be silently, personally & closely intimate with our loving & merciful God once again & anew.

As we receive the ashes today, we are challenged to “Repent & Believe in the Gospel”. This is a constant invitation for us to renew our faith-relationship with God, by changing & updating our normal ways, and be open once again to receive God’s ways & will for us now so that we may experience God’s mercy anew. Experiencing God’s mercy again with our Lenten discipline & renewal of faith.

“Lord, Have Mercy”. Perhaps this should be our prayer these times as we do need now His mercy especially during these pandemic times, imminent-threat of war & division during election campaign. Let this be our prayer during this Lenten season:

Ginoo, Maluoy ka sa Amon. Ginoo, Kaloy-I kami. Panginoon, Maawa ka sa Amin. Chunim, chabirol bepososo. Kyrie, Eleison. Lord, Have Mercy.


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