July 7, 2021 – Wednesday of the 14th Week in Ordinary Time

Click here for the readings (https://bible.usccb.org/bible/readings/070721.cfm)

Egypt as a wealthy nation at that time, responded to the needs of the known world. Many nations and peoples came to Egypt for they have prepared themselves to face the great famine in that age. Joseph played an important role for the world at that time and for Egypt in particular.

Despite the bitter and painful experiences of Joseph of being sold by his brothers as a slave, being maltreated and imprisoned in Egypt, Joseph remained free. His heart was free of bitterness and revenge. If Joseph had remained his heart imprisoned in bitterness and anger, he would not be able to gracefully and generously help Egypt and all other people. Because of such grace in his heart, Joseph became a dispenser of grace.

Through him, God worked miracles and wonders so that people will be saved from the suffering of famine. And Joseph proved this as he met his brothers who committed a grave sin against him. Though he appeared unmoved by the situation of his brothers, but deep inside Joseph missed them.

The tears in Joseph’s eyes as he wept could have been from the pain in his heart of being hurt by his brothers, but he must have understood also that that painful memory in his past, became God’s way to work wonders through him. Indeed, this happened. Joseph became the savior to his brothers, to the entire family.

As Joseph was able to share their abundant resources to the refugees at that time, Jesus also sent his apostles to go and gather to lost sheep of the house of Israel. The apostles whom he called were given authority to drive out demons, to cure every disease and illness. This means that they were about to give freedom and healing to those burdened by sin and sickness and oppressed by the power of evil.

Through Joseph, the people found sustenance in the midst of food and economic crisis and through the apostles those who are lost, sick and oppressed shall find healing and freedom.

God’s invitation for us today is to look and find that will give us true sustenance in the middle of our crisis and difficulties. The celebration of the Holy Eucharist may become our source of spiritual nourishment then. Look and discover too that will bring us back closer to the Lord, that will give us healing and true freedom. Let the celebration of the Word of God become our help to bring healing and freedom in our hearts.

In return, we may also become like Joseph, to become graceful and generous in sharing what we have to the needy for everything that we have are not ours but gifts from God. May we also become daring as the apostles to take the risk in going as the Lord invites us – that our person and presence will become God’s sign of grace to bring freedom and healing in our homes and communities. Hinaut pa.

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