June 24, 2021 – Solemnity of the Nativity of John the Baptist

Click here for the readings (https://bible.usccb.org/bible/readings/062421-Day.cfm)

I am fearfully and wonderfully made!” How many of us will be able to own this and confidently say this? The Responsorial Psalm on this Solemnity of the Nativity of John the Baptist proclaimed to us such realization and deep awareness of God’s creative power. Each person as the author of the Psalm proclaimed is fearfully and wonderfully made. We are not made out of accident even if our birth was unplanned by out parents. Our life is not a waste no matter how many failures we have made. Each life is sacred despite the intention of many to suppress life and kill the life of a person.

As God made each of us and formed our inmost being and knit us in our mother’s womb, God also understands our thoughts, our dreams, our hopes and even our pains and struggles. Because of this, within us, in our hearts, we have that connection with God. Our inmost being is entirely grounded in God. Only if we are always aware of it then, we would not dare hurt ourselves or hurt others in any form of abuse, maltreatment and evil.

However, because many are not aware of this and others refuse to believe on this, abuses, oppression and other forms of evil are committed against the weak.

This feast of the birth of John the Baptist reminds us now of this truth. In fact, through the birth of John revealed in our readings today, God manifests that He is gracious and faithful despite our unbelief and doubts. God continues to reveal himself to us even though we refuse to believe.

This was the very role of John the Baptist. John was to bring people again to believe that God created us fearfully and wonderfully. God finds delight in each of us. And that despite the struggles and the tragedies we have been through, God never abandons us. God remembers and God is here with us.

This made John a great and important prophet because he reminded the people about God, made people recognize God and brought them close to God. Yet, because of this role of John, it led him to troubles. He was martyred, beheaded, because of this cause to make people recognize God.

However, in spite of that, John never wavered in his conviction to preach what God wanted him preach and to do. John, as he was fully confident in the presence of God, found peace and freedom in the Lord. This is how John became a gift to us. His name, John, means God is gracious. John’s life is a gift to his disciples and to the disciples of Jesus who through John found the Messiah.

This is the invitation for us today also. As we are called to grow in our confidence in God who fearfully and wonderfully made us, we are also called to give our utmost respect to every human life, to work for a cause that gives justice, freedom, development and opportunities for growth to every human person.

Our small contribution in charitable initiatives and sharing our resources to those in need of help, by extending our presence to the lonely and the sick, by understanding those who are confused, by forgiving those who are wronged us, and by being kind in words and actions at all times to everybody can be our ways of becoming a gift to others. Like John, we shall also be able to proclaim that God is gracious and faithful. Hinaut pa.


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