Me & We: Seed for the Kingdom

June 13, 2021 – 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time

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A newly-graduated but non-working young millennial, while hanging-out at home and playing with his X-Box video games, was once asked by his mom to buy some fruits for meals. Though he prefers to go to a mall for convenient–sake, hesitantly he went to a nearby market. He tried to find his way looking for the fruit-stand since he was never been to this market before. Eventually he found the fruits he needed to buy at a particular fruit-stand. While paying, he jokingly said to the vendor: “Sir, I cannot help but notice you do look like Jesus Christ.” The fruit-vendor reply: “Others would say the same. But assuming I am who you seem I look alike. Do you have any questions for me?” Up for the challenge, he asked: “If you are said-to be the Christ, the savior of the world, how come the world is still a mess? Have you and God done and is doing something about these mess?” After giving much thought, the vendor answered, “For sure God has and is doing something about these mess – He created YOU.”

Defensively, he countered: “Me, who am I to fix these mess? I am not rich, not  successful, still no-job. I am nobody, no hero. I am limited”. So the vendor further challenged him, “So what do YOU need then now to fix these mess?” He dreamingly replied, “Well if only I have more power, resources and opportunities, perhaps like in a computer game, I can be who I am and wish to be”. “That’s all?” the vendor disturbed him and then handed him something, “Take this. It got all what you need.” As he received it, he confusingly asked, “A seed? What am I do to with this seed?” The vendor replied, “Well, God has already done and doing something in creating You, and you have the seed now to do your part. It is up to you then whether to plant your seed and work out with God doing your part and growing your seed, OR do nothing with your seed, but complain, and let your world and our world still a mess.

After Christmas, Lenten, Easter seasons where we celebrate our faith – what we believe, we are now in the Ordinary times of our liturgical year where we celebrate our life in faith, i.e. how we live, practice and witness what we believe. Jesus have much to teach us not only what we believe (Dogma) but how to live & practice what we believe (Moral). We have celebrated our Faith, but now we are celebrating our Faith-Life – our Faith & Life.

To offer us meaning, inspiration and directions in our faith-life journey, Jesus made use of parables and our common life-experiences as life-lessons to live by. Like in our gospel today, by sharing us the parable of the growing seed and mustard seed, Jesus taught us not only about the Kingdom of God but also HOW to live our present lives along with our faith & mission in God’s kingdom.

Here Jesus reminds us that nature and our usual human labor or work teach us that “Big things comes from small beginnings”. Yes, the sower & planter might have planted the seed and harvested the fruit but he does not know how the plant grows. And definitely he is not responsible for the seed to grow into full grain & for the smallest mustard seed to be the largest plant with large branches. It takes a lot of work on our part, AND working in partnership with God for us to fully enjoy the fruits of our labor with God. Yes, we can be the sower & planter, but God is the grower.

With our advanced technology nowadays, we also tend to prefer to have things easy, instant, fast, disposable and convenient. In effect, we become impatient and intolerant with details and processes. We tend to value more the goals, and fruits that we undervalue & even become heartless to the growth-process, labor, and journey it takes. Like the young millennial, we tend to look at and concern more on the end-product and destination, without considering the process to make it and the travel-journey to get there.

Never satisfied of what we have accomplished now, we rather tend to criticize & complain about our present mess without doing something about it except criticizing and complaining about it.  While we should enjoy & be satisfied to the advantages of what we have today, let us not forget the whole process-journey it takes to reach at this stage of advancement. Same as saying: While you and others enjoys and be satisfied with the fruits of your labor, let us not disregard and undervalue the efforts, work and sacrifices you have done as well as God’s work of creating you and with you for life to be better than before, better than the usual.

In other words, to do away with the mess in life and to fully enjoy what God has given and can offer us in life now, we have to be RESPONSIBLE participants for God’s grace and work of creating and redeeming our life anew. As a wise man once penned, “Who & what you are is God’s gift to you & the world, who & what you BECOME is your gift to God & the world”.

Especially during these pandemic times, teach & lead us Lord to cooperate with Your will & plans for us these days so that we may humbly recognize & fully enjoy the fruits of Your works for our betterment & the glory of Our Father’s Kingdom.

So May it Be. Hinaut pa unta. Siya Nawa. Amen.

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