April 8, 2021 – Thursday within the Octave of Easter

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What scars do you have in your body? And what scars do you have in your heart? We both have physical and emotional scars. Every scar would remind us of pain in the past. Some scars may become insignificant through time. Other scars especially the big ones may remain significant even though the pain has gone. The trauma that we have been through in the past could sometimes still shaken us at present.

Emotional scars compared to the physical ones carry more weight and longer time to heal. The stories behind our emotional scars can also sometimes bring back old memories of pain and sadness. Yet, it is also possible that those scars we have whether physical and emotional, can become signs of victory, of growth, of wonder, of beauty and even of grace.

Such possibility of turning our scars into grace is what has been told to us in today’s Gospel. Jesus appeared before his disciples. He greeted them with peace because their hearts were filled with fear and troubles. The very thought of the death of Jesus brought so much sadness and fear into the hearts of the disciples. Because of this, they could not believe that Jesus is alive and was in front of them.

Jesus rather invited them, to look a hands and feet. Jesus said, “touch me and see.” Jesus wanted the disciples to touch and see that indeed he bore the scars from the wounds he endured at his crucifixion. To touch and see the scars of Jesus, those signs of wounds and of his death is to be able to behold the grace of God.

This tells us that the resurrection of Jesus has made those scars, now, as signs of victory, of wonder and of grace. Those scars remind us that Jesus went through suffering and he knows very much the feeling of being in pain, being humiliated, being abused and being maltreated. Those scars revealed the cruelty of sin and evil.  Yet, beyond those scars also is the grace of God that brings new life and new hope for all.

Thus, as the disciples were invited by Jesus to touch and see the scars in his body, the Lord also calls us to look at our own scars. Do not deny or hide in forgetfulness and in shame those scars in us. The very scars we carry can become opportunities where God shall bring graces to us. Through our own scars, we shall find healing and life, transformation and hope.

Hiding in forgetfulness or in shame and denying that we are scarred will not help us. These attitudes will only bring us into more fear and sadness. Our heart will remain fearful and troubled like the disciples who were in hiding.

As we allow the Lord to work wonders in us and make his grace be revealed through our own scars, may we also experience today the grace of new life through his resurrection. Hinaut pa.


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