March 13, 2021 – Saturday of the Third Week of Lent

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WHAT (than Who) is Right, Matters most.

Certainly pride & humility does not come together. It is said that pride & humility are opposite to one another. But what is the difference between Pride & Humility?

A wise man once said: “Pride is concerned with Who is Right. Humility is concerned with What is Right.” True indeed, Pride is all about the person being correct, great & better than others, regardless of what he thinks & have done. Humility, however, is all about the person’s right relations, attitude & influence towards others, great or small he may be. Pride is about oneself and thinking more about & of oneself. Whereas humility is not thinking less of oneself but more about thinking oneself less.

Surely our Gospel today is all about Pride & Humility. The Pharisee is full of himself. He prides & exalts himself compared to the tax collector. He lauds himself for his greatness & merits for doing what is required. He is more concerned about himself than others & even than God. It is all about himself. Whereas the tax collector pays his humble homage due to God, despite his unworthiness & sinfulness. He is concerned about God’s mercy in his life more than his being a sinner. He prays: “Lord, Have Mercy on Me, a Sinner” while the Pharisee is not concern about thanking God “I thank you Lord” but more on “I am not like the rest of humanity.”

And who is justified & finds favor with God? The one who humbles himself – the one who thinks oneself less, will be exalted and the one who exalts himself – the one who thinks oneself more, will be humbled.

What God then requires of us is our Righteousness – WHAT is right before God & others, Not our Greatness – WHO is right amongst us. Humility, not Pride matters most in our faith & life, as Hosea reminds us “God desires our love & knowledge of Him, not our sacrifices & burnt offerings.” Simply put, Be HUMBLE than proud. Realize that that Life with God is all about God & not about oneself & ourselves. Consider then oneself less & do whatever is right before God & others, rather than considering oneself more & insist on who is right.

So Help us God. So May it Be. Amen.


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