March 5, 2021 – Friday of the Fifth Week in Ordinary Time

Fr. Gibo Dandoy, CSsR

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Today’s first reading is a classic example of what we call “blessing in disguise.” It is the story of Joseph. He was his father’s favorite. Because of this he became the object of jealousy by his own brothers, which sadly led him to be sold into slavery to get rid of him.

Because of their ill-feelings toward him, they wanted to get rid of him. Joseph was then considered a thing – an “it” – a commodity – disposable – by his own siblings. Their resentment had completely blinded them from what was right and prevented them from recognizing him as their brother.

Joseph’s plight, in human reasoning, is an utter misfortune and disaster. But in God’s logic, it is a privilege locus for God to reveal his saving power and plan for Joseph and his family. For what we humans consider as a sheer loss and hardship is actually a “blessing in disguise” if we look at it with the eyes of faith.

We thought that it was his slavery and misfortune that brought Joseph to Egypt. But it was actually God’s plan of saving his people from famine by sending him ahead of them. It was God who orchestrated the circumstances. And he chose to intervene in the life of Joseph to bring his plan to fruition.

On the otherhand, Jesus went through a similar fate in the hands of men. He was rejected by own people. Persecuted. Betrayed by friends. Sold for silver coins.  Abandoned. Humiliated. Suffered and nailed and died on the cross.

He was considered a stumbling block by the proud, and his death on the cross foolishness and mean defeat by the ignorant. And yet the Father proved them wrong because Jesus is the Messiah. The fulfillment of the law and prophet. The One who is to save the entire of God’s creation. And his death on the cross is God’s wisdom, and the prime expression of God’s victory over sin and death, for which we all are free.

So, when your life is challenging and difficult, remember the story of Joseph and Jesus and be consoled. For thus says the Lord, “For I know the plans I have for you. They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope” (Jer. 29: 11, NLT).


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