March 2, 2021 – Tuesday of the Second Week of Lent

Fr. Gibo Dandoy, CSsR

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There is always hope for sinners. The holy bible testifies as to how God, in the course of time, has been calling and inviting us, his people, to return to him, turn from our wickedness and change our lives. He has been faithfully engaging us in the dialogue of conversion and constantly intervening in our human affairs.

Remember what he said in Ezekiel 18: 23: “Do I want the death of the sinner? Do I not rather want him to turn from his ways and live?” Which means, our well-being, our welfare and  our salvation is always at the top of God’s consideration.

In relation to this, Prophet Isaiah has something to tell us which we can get from his words. What is this?

First is that, to come to terms or to be reconciled with God is always God’s initiative. When there’s a desire to change ourselves, it is actually God’s voice speaking to our hearts and urging us to do so. Conversion, then, is ultimately God’s grace at work;

The other one is that, our conversion, which I consider an interior work-in-progress, must be visible in the way we live our lives. Not that we are only good in words, but not in action. But this, as I recognized, is humanly challenging.

Dom John Main, OSB, a meditation guru, said: “The external conversion is of no use unless it is inspired and springs from an inner conversion of the heart.” Conversion, therefore, is best expressed in the silence of action.

Today, we are enjoined to heed to God’s invitation calling us to conversion. And to make use of our time while we are still afforded with enough time and chances to correct ourselves and straighten our ways.

There’s never too late for a repentant sinner. There’s still hope for all of us. Only if we respond and obey.


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