To Hold and To Encounter the Lord

February 2, 2021 – Feast of the Presentation of the Lord

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The Holy Mass today on this Feast of the Presentation of Lord is popularly known as “Candlemas.” We have the blessing and procession of candles. The candle today is so significant in today’s celebration because of what it signifies. The light in our candle leads us to the “light that revealed salvation to the Gentiles.”

This light was encountered by two significant personalities in today’s Gospel, Simeon and Anna. The two had been waiting for the Lord’s revelation and his arrival. It was not just the fulfillment of their personal desire but also the fulfillment of God’s promise in the Old Testament.

This has been fulfilled as it was witnessed by the two in their encounter with the Holy Family that also completely transformed their lives and drew ever more their hearts towards the Lord.

There are two invitations for us that we discover in the encounter of Simeon and Anna with Jesus in the temple.

First, like Simeon who was able to hold the young Jesus in his arms, let us allow God to encounter us that we may be able to hold him in our arms. Holding God in our arms is more than feeling his presence but being convinced of his presence in our life. To hold God in our arms also means to be in touched with God, with ourselves and with what surrounds us that include our brothers and sisters and the rest of God’s creation. To hold God is to be welcoming to all.

Second, like Anna who desired and longed to meet the Lord, let us also have that desire in our heart to meet God whenever and wherever we are at this very moment. Let us remember, if we desire to encounter God, God desires it all the more to encounter us. And may our encounter with Jesus cast out our anxiety, boredom and doubts for his presence brings us joy, freshness and life.

Like them, we may become convinced in what we believe by translating our faith not just into words but also into concrete actions of love and kindness. Hinaut pa.


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