January 27, 2021 – Wednesday of the Third Week in Ordinary Time

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Have you ever wondered why this parable is called the “Parable of the Sower” when in fact Jesus was mostly telling us about the soil and the seeds. It should rather be called as the Parable of the Soil or Parable of the Seeds, isn’t it? But then, it is really not. This is certainly a Parable of the Sower.

The parable tells us about the Sower, a farmer who planted the seeds on the ground. So, let us discover a bit deeper now the identity of this Sower and his attitude towards the soil and the seeds.

The Sower of the seeds in the parable is Jesus himself. Jesus comes to the field in order to plant the seed of the Gospel. This the good news that God has come to bring us salvation and to make us joyful forever. Yes, the good news itself is God’s offer of friendship and his gift of salvation.

However, have you been keen enough to listen to this parable to notice how the Sower sowed the seeds? As the parable tells us, the Sower scattered the seeds all over the place. It was not just in a particular place because there were also seeds that fell on the path, on rocky grounds, and among thorns. This means that the sower was not conscious enough to just scatter the seeds in a particular good soil, prepared well for that purpose of planting. What the Sower did was to scatter the seeds all around and all over the place. This means that the sower sowed generously the seeds without discriminating the type of soil to which the seeds landed.

Well, this might not be really the case of those sowers during the time of Jesus. They might be more conscious in scattering mostly to the good soil. However, for the purpose of the message of this parable, such attitude of the sower in this story revealed something about the God-Sower in the world.

Yes, the actions and the attitude of the Sower with the seeds sown and with the soil, really reveals something about that Sower. Jesus tells us that the reason why he came to live among us and to die for us is not just for those who were already righteous and saints. Jesus came in order to let everyone of us, sinners and saints, good people and bad people alike, young and old, rich and poor to feel and know his love and to enjoy God’s gift of friendship.

This reveals to us God’s generosity to each of us. God knows that we are not deserving of his love, that we are not worthy to be saved by this gracious God. Jesus knows that very well. However, this does not matter to God whether we are deserving or not. What really matters is God’s movement of love for each of us, that we will all be reconciled to God.

This is what we have heard in today’s first reading from the Letter to the Hebrews. This Letter tells us of the priesthood of Jesus and the sacrifice he had made on the cross by giving himself for our sake. The priests of the Temple of God in Jerusalem would always offer animal sacrifices pleasing to God as an atonement of the sins of the people. However, through the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross, that became “one sacrifice for sins.” The life of Jesus became the very seed sown to us so that we will grow in friendship with God, reconciled and forgiven.

Thus, Jesus chooses to sow and plant his love in each of us because God is giving us chances. God gives us the opportunity to change and to choose Him. God gives us the chance to choose life rather than death, to choose to be happy rather than to be angry and sad, to choose to be fruitful rather than to be fruitless, to choose hope rather than fear, to choose freedom from sin rather than imprisonment from it, to choose love rather than hatred. For this reason, Jesus sows in order for us to grow with him.

This attitude of God gives us the confidence now that even God has hopes for us. God sees hope in each of us. God sees potentials in us. God is so hopeful for you and me that we will not remain drowning by our own fears, failures and sins. This is the good news for us today because Jesus is abundantly sowing his love and mercy for us.

May I invite you now that as we offer our prayers to Mary, Our Mother of Perpetual Help, who allowed the presence of God to grow in her heart, like her, let us observe few moments of silence in reflecting and relishing the generosity of Jesus, the God-Sower of hope and of many chances. Hinaut pa.


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