Our Share and Role in God’s Big Family

January 26, 2021 – Memorial of Sts. Titus and Timothy

Click here for the readings (https://bible.usccb.org/bible/readings/012621.cfm)

How important is our family to us?  For most of us, our families are the source of our joy, security, identity, confidence and assurance. But for some of us also, our family can be the source of our deepest pain, traumas and bitterness in life. We cannot deny that it is in the context of our families that we also first experienced “being loved” and “being rejected.”

Talking about family, our Gospel today tells us of Jesus family looking for him. Moreover, it is in this context also that Jesus brought out a new idea of being a family where we shall experience deeper God’s presence and invitations for us.

Jesus asked, “Who is my mother? Who are my brothers and sisters?” In a way, Jesus expanded the meaning of family relationship by pointing out the members of his family. These were those people listening to him, gathered around him to do the will of his Father. Jesus did not reject his immediate family but expanded its essence.

The family that Jesus brought out is beyond blood relationship. This is toward a deeper spiritual family relationship. This calls us to identify ourselves and others to be part of a bigger family of God.

But how do we really belong to this family?

Jesus told us that it is by doing the will of his Father. And the first step of doing the Father’s will is to LISTEN to the Son. Indeed, it is in listening that we also realize and become aware of God’s invitation for us.

It is also clear that Jesus pointed out that his mother, brothers and sisters are those who were gathered around him and together listening to him. Certainly, there is wisdom in listening together, as a community or as family because the process of discernment becomes deeper, more realistic, clearer and empowering when we listen together and discern together on what God wants us to be and what God wants us to do.

Timothy and Titus who were bishops and companions of Paul in building and nurturing the first churches, were individuals who took part in this family of Jesus. They are examples of people who took part in building God’s family by listening first to the will of God and doing it in their lives. Their dedication as well as the time and energy that they spent to build those first Christians Churches in the first century of our history proved that they, indeed, shared and took their role in God’s big family.

For us today, let us allow ourselves to be part of God’s family by listening to Jesus through the scriptures and experiencing again his presence through the grace of the sacraments in our church. As we listen to the Lord and in his invitations for us, let us also discern on how we can actively participate and share our part in building God’s family today, particularly in our own context. Hinaut pa.


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