Life is in Jesus

January 8, 2021 – Friday after Epiphany

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When many of us are confined at home because of the pandemic and restrictions in going outside our residence, the rise of the Plantitos and Plantitas (the popular name of those who develop the love of planting) also emerged. Our boredom at home wonderfully bore fruit by becoming more connected with the earth. When we learn how to plant, we also learn how to touch in order to nurture life.

Touching with the motivation of caring brings wonder and joy in us. This is the reason why many of us find comfort and pleasure in nurturing the life of the plants. More than this, we too are called to nurture human life, to inspire life and heal life. This is what Jesus shows us today.

Our readings today remind us of this. The first reading from the First Letter of John tells us that “God gave us eternal life, and this life is in his Son, Jesus.” We find this life in Jesus, our Lord.

John mentions two important and recurring words in today’s reading that tell us that life is indeed in Jesus. These words are testimony and possession.

The word testimony refers to the witnessing of the Father in the life of Jesus. The testimony of the Father to His Son is the confidence of the Father. This also means that the confidence of God in us will be revealed in our life by having Jesus. This is not about giving testimony to God, but God giving testimony to us through the wonders that God can do for us.

The word possession means our possession of Jesus, the Son of God in our life. Having Jesus is letting Jesus fulfill his promise to us. Having the Lord in our life is allowing the Lord to do what he desires to do in our life.

Such testimony and possession of Jesus bring us into the Gospel story. A man full of leprosy fell prostrate and pleaded with Jesus. The man asked the Lord to reveal God’s testimony of bringing healing and fullness of life. The man asked, “Lord, if you wish, you can make me clean.” He allowed the Lord to work wonders in him and to let God give testimony through the gift of healing.

In this way, Jesus touched the man to heal him and bring him that fullness of life. Jesus’ touch surely brought healing and life because his touch was motivated by care and compassion, by love.

Today, let us be conscious of this invitation to have Jesus in our life and to discover that eternal life or the fullness of life is in Jesus. As we touch people through and by our life, always bring healing and bring life not corruption of life and not violence to life. Allow also the Lord to give testimony to us by making ourselves always open to God’s plan for us. Hinaut pa.


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