Yes, GO na. We are Ready. 가자

December 20, 2020 – Fourth Sunday of Advent

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Whenever we reflect on our childhood memories, our dear mother is always there present. Be she young, or old, dark or fair, how else would we be here now, if our mother did not make our well-being her life and vocation? The relationship we share with our mother is special and sacred, and is based on a bond of mutual love. It was our mother, who is the first person who loved us, took care of us, committed herself for us, assured us that she will always be there whatever happens, and would willing die for us so that we may be borne & live. It is our Mother, who first said, “Yes” for you. She might be the mother of all “No”s TO you but, she is “the Mother of all “Yes”es FOR you, in favor of you, who first opted and chosen YOU. Through our mother we also heard first God’s Promise, “I will be there FOR you always”.

No wonder then that Mary is at the center of today’s gospel, which gives us a simple but moving account of the greatest message ever delivered to us – “the Lord is with us”. In it we are told simply and plainly that there was a young maiden, who knelt down at the angel Gabriel’s mysterious message and, in freedom of her heart, gave the total gift of herself to God, saying: “Yes, let it Be done unto me according to thy Word.”

The Annunciation was the moment when God first revealed a mystery that he kept secret for endless ages. It is true that his love for us is so great that he wants to become one of us. And in doing so, Mary was needed by God. Mary was asked to co-operate with God, and be the mother of Christ. And the moment she said, “Yes” to the angel, salvation dawned on us all. However, Mary did not say “Yes” to God on only one occasion. She had to confirm that “Yes” many times during her life. The moment she said, “yes” to God’s invitation life was never the same again for her. She became a refugee in Egypt and some thirty years later, a witness her son died the death of a common criminal. And through all these events in her life, she did not abandon her son, stood by Him, always present and supporting Him whatever it takes.

Christmas is almost upon us and, on this fourth Sunday of Advent, our thoughts turn to our mothers who said “yes” for us so that we may live, and to our mother Mary who listened and responded in cooperation with God’s will.  Mary’s life shows us that to be a Christian is to be a person who keeps our ears open to what God is calling us to do today, so that we are ready to answer Yes to His call and to cooperate with His will. 

Perhaps we ask ourselves:

To what extent are we available to God? Do we see what he wants us to do in and through us? If God asks you for favor now, how would you respond?

Today we are shown the marvelous example of Mary. Even if she did not see clearly all it implied, she accepted her mission to become the mother of the Savior. Mary’s yes offers us salvation. Our own mother’s yes brings us life. May our Yes, our own response and cooperation with God brings life and salvation to others. Like Mary, May our response be: “Yes, Lord, I’m ready. Go na”.

We pray then that like Mary, we may have her listening and responding heart to God’s call so that we can be as ready and as willing to cooperate in bringing Christ into others. Amen.


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